Fracht’s industry-leading freight project logistics department specializes in transport services for complex and industrial-sized projects.
Our dedicated projects team closely operates with our global network of offices and consists of highly experienced professionals, dedicated to finding a solution to your move- no matter how complex it may be. Whether it be ocean, air, heavy haul, barge, or rail transport, Fracht can deliver your cargo safely, on-time, and cost-efficiently around the world.
Our approach to the handling and the transportation of the heavy and high-value goods is based on our vision of the future of transport. We are committed to ensure transparent communication and improving the supply chain.
Our services are based on collaboration and on innovative methods and procedures, in order to be able to create tailor-made solutions for our customers. Please contact us for further information.
"Projects are our tradition"

-Rudy Reisdorf, Owner


  • Power Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Gas Plants
  • Combined Cycle Plants
  • Refineries
  • Steel Mills
  • Civil Constructions
Project Management

Fracht’s freight project managers understand the importance of attention to detail during complex moves. Since a hiccup or missed deadline can jeopardize an entire breakbulk move or project and cause delays, our freight project management team handles your project seamlessly from start to finish.
We make sure all deadlines and schedules are met, streamline the communication between the parties involved, and stay on top of every move your cargo makes, so you don’t have to be. Our freight project managers maintain you informed of any risk, problem, or change at all times. From the first kick-off meeting to the final delivery, our team keeps your cargo on the move and makes sure it’s delivered safe, on time, and within budget.

  • Deep analysis of the project
  • Time tables & delivery schedules
  • Kick-off meetings
  • Streamlined communication for all parties involved
  • Track & trace
  • Site Supervision at every load and offload
Air charter

Special projects require a variety of air transport services.
Fracht has access to approximately 300 airport offices, offering a complete line of domestic and international air services that keep you in total control of your cargo from pickup to delivery.
With our strategically placed gateways and relationship with airline carriers, we are able to offer competitive rates, charter services and consolidated options to meet and exceed the needs of your project.

Ocean Freight

Over-dimensional cargoes require special stowage methods.
Fracht operates as an NVOCC (Non Vessel Operation Common Carrier), as well as having developed and maintained excellent relationships to several major, reliable shipping lines.
These partnerships allow us to carry out charter and part cargoes with the leading ocean carriers, self sustained with heavy lift cranes, alternative ro-ro and submersible capabilities, ensuring that your cargo is delivered in the most safe and efficient way possible.

Heavy Haul

Heavy cargoes require individual and innovative road tailored solutions.
Fracht houses an expert team of truck brokers for exclusive selection of pre-approved heavy haul carriers.
This gives us the flexibility to combine transport equipment that meet the requirements for safe, expedient and reliable transportation of your specialized cargo.

  • Road studies & surveys
  • Assistance and monitoring of requests for transit authorisations
  • Preparation of method statements
  • Track & Trace


Challenging pieces require innovative transport methods.
Fracht prides itself in being the owner of a new generation heavy duty railcar fleet capable of operating anywhere in North America.
The fleet consists of two 8-axle railcars with a load capacity of 420,000 lbs each, five 12-axle railcars each with a load capacity of 620,000 lbs and two 16-axle railcars with a load capacity of 810,000 lbs each.
With their 36' deck length and high load capacity, they are the perfect for moving unique and challenging components, ensuring the most efficient and cost effective way of delivering your cargo.


Over-sized projects require special securing and handling.
Fracht’s in-house experts arrange for a safe and reliable barge transportation for the loading and off-loading of your cargo.
With the support of pre-authorized operators and stevedores, proper cargo loading, cargo stowage and securing & fastening of equipment is arranged jointly with our in-house engineering team and subject to a method statement prepared and accepted by all parties concerned.
Crane & Rigging

Complex cargoes require unique lifting solutions.
Fracht specializes in heavy rigging and difficult crane operations by working with reliable partners to find the safest and most cost effective solution to handle your cargo.
We pride ourselves in providing detailed lift plans and method statements to assure a smooth operation and exceed our customers expectations.
To support a professional, safe and effective execution of your project, Fracht’s on-site supervisors work hand-in-hand with all involved parties to ensure that all requirements are met.


Complex projects require special attention and tracking.
Fracht offers a variety of technology driven solutions to facilitate the execution of your cargo.
The combination of track and trace tools, shock recorders and laser measuring devices allow Fracht to provide you with up-to-date visibility, incident reports and location of your cargo so you are in total control and confident in the transportation of your cargo, every step of the way.
Project Engineers

Our project engineering team analyzes the requirements and challenges of your heavy and over-dimensional components for all aspects of your project in the field of multimodal logistics.
We strive to provide the best solution for your project by combining our expertise in engineering and logistics and passion for innovation and transport efficiency.

Our engineering team believes each project is unique and carefully analyzes the details and requirements of your project to determine where productivity can be improved across the board.
We are known to think outside the box and understands that offering support as early on as in the “design” stages of your product guarantees transportability and provides solutions to problems before they happen.
Partnering with a company that offers not just one, but two or sometimes three different methods of transport, utilizing the best in class equipment, engineering tools, and other resources to provide the most efficient solutions, allows you to decide which is the best for you, while simultaneously providing cost savings throughout the process.

Our engineering team provides:

  • Transport Consultation
  • Route surveys
  • In depth analysis of the project
  • Transportation Drawings, Heavy Lift Drawings, Special Solution Drawings etc.
  • Method statements
  • Logistic plans
  • Cargo pre-load inspection and supervision
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